Olive-backed Oriole – a Spring migrant to this area. Photo by Geoff Leslie

We encourage Creative contributions at Seymour Baptist. We have been blessed with poets, songwriters, photographers, stitchers, actors and musicians, and want to see their gifts used to enrich our common life.


Short Poems


My lips
and fingers
are Jesus-stained

For I
have been feasting
on the fruits
of God’s love.

Annette Sims

Religious Thoughts of the 21st Century

New songs:

On the twelfth day of Christmas
Hot cross buns appeared in Woolworths.

New prayers:

Lead us not into taxation
But deliver us through negative gearing and family trusts

New beatitudes:

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst
For they leave more of the world’s resources
For us

New commandments:

Thou shalt not say
‘Thou shalt not.’

New Miracles:

Behold, the virgin shall be with child
And he shall be called
Son of IVF.

New values:

What does it profit a man
If he gains his soul
And loses the whole wide world?

Marion Lemin

For Julie & others

 Is there humour in a tumour?
Only that Jesus has laughed at death.

Is there an answer for cancer?
Only that love is not benign.

But in the commotion of emotion
We will need to be held
By the hands and hearts
of our brothers and sisters

While always underneath
are the Everlasting Arms.


Marion Lemin

Longer Poems and Reflections

  • Geoff Leslie

Flames in the Old Cemetery

In the place of death, flames of hope
In the gloom of winter, the shout of scarlet
Grace in word and deed on Loan