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There is a parable in Matthew chapter 18 that is the subject of some controversy.

A king is owed a great fortune but chooses to forgive the debt. However, the debtor responds by seizing a man who owes a trifling amount and casting him into prison. When the king hears about it he reinstates the original debt and has the man tortured.

It is a terrible story because it tells us that some people are willing to forfeit their salvation.

The parable does not concern itself with our guaranteed salvation but rather the power of forgiveness.

Unity accomplishes two things. First of all unity can multiply the effectiveness of our prayers. Jesus taught His disciples in the previous parable, “if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.”

Equally important, unforgiveness leads to a troubled mind. A tormented christian is a contradiction. Unfortunately, for some believers it is a daily battle.

Forgiveness is hard work. It is also unnatural. Yet the benefits far outway the cost.

The two step method to forgive someone is simple. First of all, count the cost. Do not sugar coat the pain. Some people have lost families and homes. Some have lost reputations and businesses.

Now look at the cost in the light of eternity. That’s right. You have eternal life. Right now your pain has a use by date. Life will go on and one day you will graduate from this school of hard knocks to live forever in the presence of God.