Geoffrey Johnstone preached his first sermon on April 17, 1977. Since then he has pastored churches in Victoria, NSW and Queensland.
His call to Seymour Baptist Church marks his return to Central Victoria. These blogs are the thoughts of a christian who believes that faith can be simple without being simplistic. It is an exciting journey which can take you to amazing places.

This blog invites you to travel with us.

Mercy 28 November, 2021 : Grace is God’s answer to sin. Mercy is God’s answer to pain. I saw this demonstrated at a hospital service in 1998. The chaplain recognized the genuine grief experienced by medical staff when a patient died. Read More
Righteousness 21 November, 2021 : The Sermon on the Mount has been called the greatest sermon ever preached. It is technically perfect. Each beatitude overflows with truth and becomes the basis of how the sermon develops. In verse 6 we read “blessed are they who… Read More