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There are more books on prayer than people who pray.

We spend more time talking about prayer than being in prayer.

There is a reason for that.

In 1993 I visited Mindanao in the Philippines. My host took me to a small, brick church that lay in ruins. The roof had fallen in and the pews lay in a smouldering mess.

The seperatist had warned the pastor to stop praying for the government. He refused to comply. Eventually they came to his home and murdered him in front of his family. Then they fire bombed his church.

When my host asked the militia leaders why they acted this way their reply was simple.

“We can fight your soldiers. We cannot fight your prayers.”

Today that church is alive and thriving. They still pray.

Each week we will pray. A praying church is powerful. A simple prayer can change the course of nations. It can save a soul. It can do miracles.

Ignore the distractions. Reject unbelief.

Just bow your head … and pray.