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Matthew 5:8

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

Many years ago I heard a televangelist preach on prayer. He said, “If you are not spending 3 hours a day in prayer then you are not taking God seriously.

His message had a big effect on me. After all, I want God to take me seriously too.

However, God has done something wonderful for us. He has made us righteous.

This means that our deepest need has been met by Christ’s work on the cross.

We need to be loved and God has promised we will be perfect on the day of judgement.

We need to be taken seriously and Jesus has made us worthy.

We need to be noticed and in God’s eyes we are good enough.

We need to be accepted and God shows us respect.

This brings me full circle to my question of prayer. If I choose to spend 3 hours a day in prayer will it cause God to take me seriously? Or does He already take me seriously? Is the intent of my heart fear or faith?

The pure in heart are not double minded. They do not have mixed motivations. Listen to Jesus’ words. Blessed are the pure in heart. He wants you to live out of fullness rather than doubt. This is possible. More than that, this is important.