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I remember the day my doubts disappeared.

It was three years ago on a dreary Sunday afternoon. The only thing worth watching on television was a documentary drama based on the early days of medical research. A thousand years ago muslim physicians defied the thinking of their day and began looking inside the human body. What they discovered filled them with awe and wonder.

In one scene a surgeon explains to his students that the human heart is actually two pumps. The first chamber is strong enough to send blood through the lungs and into a second chamber. This pump operates at a higher pressure so that blood can be sent all the way to the big toe.

Time and time again the physicians use the word “design.” Every part of the human body has meaning and purpose.

Many years ago, when I was much younger, I remember a speech given by my Science teacher. She said, “Study the evidence and don’t be afraid of where it leads you.” Her favourite topic was “intellectual integrity.” This leads me to my inevitable conclusion. If our bodies are designed, then there must be a designer.

Perhaps the scientist and the theologian can help each other.

Science can tell us how we live. But it is the theologian who tells us why we live. The bible teaches us to pray “Our father.” The creator of all things identifies as a father. A father who wishes to give his children a life worth living.

Hopefully, in your search for meaning and purpose you will discover this truth about God. He is not distant. He is not uncaring and He is not unreasonable. He created you for relationship and surely that gives us all hope.