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Louis Armstrong recorded “What a wonderful world,” in 1967.

It did poorly until the movie “Good morning Vietnam” gave it a new lease on life.

I like the song. In fact I played it often when I produced a program on Community Radio. It was the perfect addition to a sentimental story.

I would like to believe we live in a wonderful world. But we don’t. We live in a very bad world. However, it is contaminated with very good people.

In 1980 a good friend, called Jonathan, informed me that his retirement plan was to own 12 houses outright. I have no idea why anyone needs 12 houses but in 2020 he finally achieved his goal. Along the way Jonathan faced many temptations.

The first time he met with his accountant he was encouraged to fudge a tradesman’s invoice to read the work was completed on an investment property. This way he could claim an additional tax return. There was a moment of hesitation until he realised who he was.

We are God’s people. The rot stops with us.

The next time you are tempted remember this. Every crisis of faith is an opportunity to show the world who you really are.